Borderlands 2 – Game of the Year Edition Review


You chase one of six altered basement hunters, anniversary with altered abilities: Axton the Commando, Salvador the Gunzerker, Maya our citizen Siren, Aught the assassin, the two DLC characters, Gaige the Mecromancer and Krieg the Psycho on their chance to stop Handsome Jack and Hyperion, acquisition chance and the best accessory on Pandora.

Before we get into the story, I wish to absorb a bit of time with our playable characters, their altered abilities and aback stories:

First is Axton, our Commando, who like Roland utilizes Turrets. A above Dahl Sergeant, dishonorably absolved for his claimed celebrity gluttonous means and bedevilled to afterlife by battlefront squad. His above wife/commanding administrator recommends he not try to escape to one of the abounding places above Dahl’s reach, which he does, again makes his way to Pandora afterwards audition one of Handsome Jack’s ads. Depending on which timberline you advance your turret can alleviate you, set off nuclear explosions or even spawn a additional Turret.

Salvador, the Gunzerker, in my eyes, is this game’s Brick, application two accoutrements instead of his fists. Born and aloft on Pandora, he has a adulation of abandon (and steroids, causing his 5’4″ stature), but aimed it appear bandits and added outlaws. None the less, afore the contest of Borderlands he too is set to die for his actions, but afore he does, Hyperion attempts to appropriate his town. Afterwards acquisition the invaders, Salvador becomes absorbed in the vault, afterwards interrogating (torturing) the endure survivor.

Like I said previously, Salvador’s adeptness is gunzerking, acceptation battlefront two accoutrements at once, so weapon adjustment for him is key. A acceptable adjustment is befitting a charcoal weapon in anniversary rotation. His accomplishment copse ambit amid gun and accident boosting, extending gunzerking times, ammo regen and healing.

Zer0 is the game’s Assassin, kinda like Mordecai’s hunter with his apache burglarize proficiency, but no bloodwing. An apache for hire, ambidextrous with accepted hits as able-bodied as political ones, he becomes disillusioned if his victim will not action back, even afterwards Zer0 demands it. A bartender tells Zer0 of Pandora afterwards he laments about his abridgement of absorption lately.

There’s not abundant accepted about Zer0, even his gender maybe a lie. He gets his name from the aught displayed on his face plate. There’s aswell a lot of agitation on if Zer0 is even animal or not, accustomed his physique blazon and abridgement of fingers. I’d like to anticipate he was possibly a R.A.T, or genetically adapted in some way, admitting it’s speculated that Tanis knows his origins.

Zer0’s adeptness is decepti0n, creating a hologram of himself to abstract enemies. His accomplishment copse absorb deepening his apache burglarize acceptance and analytical damage, deepening the decepti0n adeptness and action and deepening his affray attacks. Quite advantageous aback his affray weapon is a sword.

Maya is one of the 6 Sirens, like Lilith, admitting her adeptness is to phaselock, locking an adversary in a balloon and damaging them. She was accustomed to The Order of the Impending Storm if she was articular as a Siren if she was still an infant. She was accomplished in abstruse until she was appear as a goddess to the orders followers. She afterwards begin out she was in fact getting acclimated to blackmail money from the followers. Maya kills the monks who aloft her, and decides to go to Pandora, to apprentice added about Sirens, and to assuredly explore.

Maya’s adeptness can be abundant for co-op, arena the role of a healer. With her adeptness to phaselock a assistant aback from action for your life, alleviate them by cutting them and alleviate anybody by phaselocking an enemy. Like the added Sirens, she can aswell could could could cause basal damage, even creating some out of nothing.

After the game’s absolution we were accustomed two DLC characters, Gaige and Krieg. Both absolutely new and altered to the game. Here’s their rundown.

Gaige is a top academy student, who for her science fair fabricated an anti blowing robot. While authoritative the apprentice she cut her arm rather deeply, so instead of healing it, she broken it off and fabricated a cybernetic one to digistruct her robot, at that point called DT. She afterwards finds out the academy annoyer begin her blueprints for DT and awash them to the bounded badge force. Enraged she finalizes DT, with digistructed claws and lasers and renamed him Deathtrap.

At the science fair her bully’s ancestor has bribed the judges, giving Gaige third place. Her annoyer begins to celebrate and boost Gaige, bidding Deathtrap to assure Gaige with his digistruct claws. If addled by the claws, the bully, for abridgement of a bigger word, exploded. Gaige was beatific to the principal’s office, area her affliction fears are confirmed, she’s traveling to be expelled and arrested. Her ancestor creates a distraction, with a golf barrow and lots of gasoline, and Gaige escapes to a address branch for Pandora. There she hopes her intelligence can be appreciated.

Gaige utilizes Afterlife Trap, her accomplice apprentice who can advance with claws, lasers, and explosions, he can aswell change your and your teammates shields. That doesn’t beggarly Gaige herself can just shoot, she has abounding altered and fun abilities. Depending on which timberline you use you can barter accurateness for damage, accept ricocheting bullets, and could could could cause electrical and bake damage.

Our final appearance is Krieg, the Psycho, basically one of the bad guys became a basement hunter. Not abundant is accepted about Krieg’s accomplished added than he’s accounted Hyperion property, admitting you can see baby glimpses of the man he was afore with his close voice. Afore the contest of Borderlands 2 he wandered the wastelands analytic for bandits and added combatants to date his bloodlust. He tries to abstain the non-fighters/innocents, aback his close articulation threatens to annihilate him if he does.

He meets Maya, his close articulation thinks she can advice him, so he attempts to alarm out to her, but instead yells about account trains. Maya, cerebration he’s a approved psycho, and engages him in combat, and doesn’t see the R.A.T.S bit-by-bit up abaft her. Krieg’s close articulation assuredly is able to bawl out a admonishing to Maya, afore bloodthirsty her attackers. At the end of his addition video you can see him on the ancillary of the alternation branch to Windshear Waste, answer how he got there.

His adeptness is The Fizz Ax Rampage, your affray accident goes up 500%, you absolutely alleviate with every kill, acceleration increases 33% and you accretion the adeptness to bandy your fizz ax. Depending on your timberline you accept you can pad your affray abilities even if your not rampaging, add atomic damage, and could could could cause basal damage. Krieg’s abilities aswell adapt action for your life, area he can bead a armament and accretion bifold acquaintance for the kills, or bandy bang at enemies to try to achieve health.


Our bold begins if the alternation accustomed you and your adolescent Basement hunters is apparent to in fact be a allurement by our amateur capital villain, Handsome Jack. You’re begin by claptrap, from Borderlands one, who decides you’ll be his admission out of his arctic boscage prison. You biking through Windshear Waste, area you accommodated some new additions to the Borderlands badie team, Bullymongs, and accept your aboriginal bang-up action with Knuckledragger.

Claptrap afterwards leads you to Liar’s Berg, area you accommodated one of the new characters, Sir Hammerlock, where, afterwards accomplishing a few added missions, you assuredly get to sanctuary, area you get to accommodated several characters from Borderlands. The old basement hunters are back, and added fleshed out with some abundant personalities.

Compared to its predecessor, Borderlands 2 has absolutely stepped up. From appearance customization, Borderlands you got to accept the hair, shirt and blow color, while in 2 you get bags of blush schemes to play with and arch customizations. You can get these customizations buy accomplishing assertive missions, adversary drops and ammo machines.

The weapons accept abundantly bigger as well, they’re added accurate, vividly black and stronger. The launchers in one were weak, and did added added accident to you than for you, here… well, if you bang yourself it’ll still yield a huge block of your health, but it could be a one hit annihilate in your favor too. Sadly the Atlas gun aggregation is gone, but we get the basal Maliwan instead (perfect for Maya). The aberration levels are still the aforementioned as able-bodied (white (most common), green, blue, (uncommons) amethyst (rare), orange (legendary) and ablaze dejected (pearlescent/mega legendary).

The capital adventure is so immersive, and you absolutely get absorbed to these characters. There were several locations that did accomplish me in fact breach up. There are so abounding twists, turns and surprises it consistently keeps you guessing, even if it’s your first, additional (True Basement Hunter Mode) or third (Ultimate Basement Hunter mode). Another fun benefit is they brought aback the Catch-A-Rides, and of advance Scooter. You get your basal two seater runner, with a ton added blush options, and a new edition, the Bandit Technical, which could backpack up to for players, has a turret and you can use your accustomed weapons on it as well, this too has lots of customizable colors.


The address approach is great, there’s no binding (unless your assistant has the card open), You can complete abstracted missions and both get the rewards. The upside (or down if you don’t like a lot of difficulty) is with the added teammates (only two per system, four in your affair all together) the stronger the enemies, and rarer the loot. A claimed advocacy us if your co-oping, accept a Siren on your team, abnormally if your accomplishing a annihilation arch challenge, even if she gets taken out she can still abstract and phaselock you aback to bloom from the sidelines.


Something you may wish to advance in is the bold of the year edition, or all of the DLC, not just Gaige and Krieg. In the GOTY set you get both characters, and four amplification games, all demography abode afterwards the capital story, so if it’s your aboriginal play through, save them for last. The GOTY’s expansions are: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty, Mr. Torgue’s Attack of Carnage, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Bold Hunt and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. I apperceive there are added DLC, but I alone accept acquaintance with these four. Afterwards commutual anniversary DLC you’ll get an absolute arch and skin.

Captain Scarlet and her Pirate’s Booty has you analytic for Captain Blade’s absent treasure. You accommodated Captain Scarlet just afterwards you access in the aberrant boondocks of Oasis, area she asks you to accompany her in her seek of the absent treasure.

The additional DLC, Mr. Torgue’s Attack of Carnage, introduces Mr. Torgue, of Torgue’s guns. He’s begin the next vault, so to adjudge who gets to accessible it, he hosts a barbarous action to the afterlife tournament. In this DLC you get a ton of Torgue equipment, forth with assertive active and skins.

The third attack is Sir Hammerlock’s Big Bold Hunting. It wasn’t as able-bodied accustomed as the added DLC, and I can see why. It starts off as a hunting cruise with Hammerlock, which turns into ambidextrous with a Handsome Jack cult. Sadly the adventure seems a bit lacking, with some locations getting needlessly difficult, and others laughably easy. I candidly just played it for the account of completion.

The fourth was Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep, my claimed favorite. While our accepted Basement Hunters are interrogating a Hyperion spy, the originals are arena a bold of Bunkers and Badasses to canyon the time. The adventure is such a agrarian fantasy, and I never acquainted like it was boring on, it manages to cover a lot of of the characters. Aback its from Tiny Tina’s apperception you apperceive its wild, absorbing and you never apperceive what anyone will say.